Concerned or not?

I know my mom is stubborn but this goes above and beyond. So, grab a seat and read this. Here’s a bit of her medical history, she has had fluid on and in her lungs (surgery to drain it and clean the interior walls). Then 5-6 months later she had to have two heart valves replace due to a illness as a child causing them to not open 100%. She also has atrial fibrillation which causes her heart to start racing (115+ bpm) and requires a pacemaker. She has a mobility issues which has caused her to fall often with once breaking her femur and another she fully blacked out. All this started about eleven years ago with a pretty major stroke with several more since then.
Today mom was sitting in the chair watching tv with Robert with me standing near by. She starts deep coughing and I pat her back once when her eyes roll back in her head and she starts leaning to the right (into Roberts lap). I grab her before she hits when she starts shacking like she’s having a seizure. Then quickly comes too. Now she’s complaining of a headache and that she feels tired.
She then begins explaining to me and Trish that this happens often when she’s coughing deep and she can even feel it when it starts to happen. Only thing we can think of is when coughing her BP drops low enough to cause her a mini black out.
I know how I feel how would you feel and how would you handle it if she was your mom? Let me know.
Richard K.
ICare Consulting
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