Richard’s Bio.

 “Pain without Humor is Just Painful”Richard, I Make This Look Good, Santa Cruz 2013

                                                       ~ Richard Kreis

Authors Bio:

Richard Kreis has always been a very active person both individually and with his family. Richard is the proud father of three great kids and husband to a very wonderful and supportive wife.  Richard is a part-time caregiver to his mom, Carol, who has heart issues as well as for his brother-in-law, Robert, who has dealt with epilepsy his whole life and lives with them.  Richard is also a full-time caree himself because of chronic back pain issues caused by a drunk driver in early May 1993.

Richard  is the owner of iCare Consulting a Certified Caregiving Consultant company that specializing in working with multiple caree’s, setting up and maintaining the home and necessary supplies, organizing your caree’s and your life’s,  and he does product evaluations on products related to the caregiving field (stair treads, wheelchair ramps, wireless blood pressure monitor and scales) and many others. the disabled.  Richard writes about how he manages everything on his blog site entitled, In spite of his pain issues, Richard hosts his own blog, and has hosted other chats including, “Let’s Get Organized and Men’s Caregiving” on a site for a long period, and is an adviser for  Richard is also one of five caregivers who together wrote, 365 Caregiving Tips: Practical Tips from Everyday Caregivers. A series dedicated to providing tips to new and long time caregivers in hopes of making their journey an easier one.  Richard is working on a degree in Psychology and is a Certified Notary Public.  Richard enjoys taking photos of animals and nature. Richard can be followed on Twitter (@kreisr1) or on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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  3 comments for “Richard’s Bio.

  1. 09/16/2021 at 8:39 am

    I have only known Richard for a few days now and already he has been extremely helpful! His knowledge and own experience with pain gives him an amazing outlook and helpful understanding.

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  2. 03/02/2017 at 4:36 pm

    Hi! Thanks a lot for the follow!
    Great blog here! 🙂


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