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This page is where I would like to show my support for those companies out there that are doing things right for the caregiving community, that can be to benefit the individual themselves or their caregiver.  My hope is that by sharing these products that they are able to reach and benefit even just one person, then it’s worth it.


We’re a company that delivers larger than life performance 10-20mnhg TRUE graduated compression socks and sleeves all made right here in the U.S.A.!!


We’re out of the box type people and we’re here to push what people think about socks, so join the Crazy Clan in our mission to make the world a bit more colorful and unique. 🙂

Through years of experience in hosiery manufacturing (like over 40 years experience), we have developed a product like no other.  We have spent long nights in our secret lab and discovered a way to blend top level TRUE graduated compression with designs that fit your individual style.

While most compression is blah, beige & boring we’ve combined a unique design style with innovative knitting techniques…..and everything’s made in NC, U.S.A.

15-20mnhg vs 20-30mnhg?

We choose to make Crazy Compression OTC’s & Sleeves 15-20mnhg because it is the perfect amount of pressure you should need to get the most out of compression.  It works for the person that runs 1 mile or 20 miles.  It works for the person that stands for 6 hours a day or 12 hours.  Our compression is made for everyone. 🙂

Please contact us with any comments or questions through or you can call our underground secret lab at 828-514-0961.  Things can get a lil‘ crazy around here, so please allow 24-48 hours.


From Kalendar Kards Media Kit Page (link is listed at bottom of article):

KalendarKards is an innovative memory support system designed to assist those with memory challenges by introducing a simple-to-follow series of individual visual cues. The system is based on a 197-card deck of regulation (but highly customized) playing cards, with that medium for its familiar tactile feel, and for ease of handling.

Inspiration came from a co-founder’s family member who was having trouble remembering daily tasks. Through numerous revisions, based on feedback received, KalendarKards has evolved into a simple, helpful system. Cards are provided in five, color-coded categories.

To allow further customization of an individual’s own experience, a generous supply of blank cards and a permanent marker are provided. In addition, there is a silicone wrist band that says “Check Your KalendarKards” as a subtle, but persistent reminder to be worn by the user. The system retails for $79.95 through Kalendar Kards Online Store at, with all shipping and handling handling charges included.

Intended to work in conjunction with a caregiver, seven daily decks are built based on the user’s (fondly called the “Karder’s”) routine day. When the decks are placed in the holder (called the Stadium) they display the entire week at a glance – but with only the next task/event details visible.

The Karder simply takes the next card, acts on it, and moves it to the slot on the right – the “discard” slot. Cards are moved one at a time throughout the day, and throughout the week, addressing the need for memory-challenged individuals to have only one area of focus at a time.

Of course this is only a brief look at the Kalendar Kards system for more information or for any questions you have go to any of the following links for answers.  Here’s hoping you think this system is as useful as I do.

KalendarKards™ Memory Support System                                   

The Ultimate Compassionate Guide to Caregiving is a new and innovative book that provides assistance on all the aspects of daily living. It is designed for individuals who intend to care for their loved ones at home or in any facility, it will give you effective and timely solutions for the many problems facing health care today. It will educate you and allow you to develop home health care skills, good judgement, and the common sense to play an active role in helping your loved ones with their health care needs.

For more information and to confirm pricing go to:


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