Our 3 year old washer is giving up

We are a family of three and at times four when you include mom in the mix when she has a fall or other medical issue and needs to stay with us. The following numbers are only for our three person home. We have an LG Smart Drum, Direct Drive top load washer. Which at the time was the largest capacity unit on the market. We paid $675.00 for it three years ago when we moved into our new home.
The average number of loads of laundry a family of three does per consumer reports is 3-4 loads a week or 468-624 loads in three years. Our washer averages 37+ loads of laundry a week (Roberts, ours and bedding) or 1,924 loads a year and 5,772 loads in three years. As you can see a family with someone who is disabled does “on average” 80-90% more laundry then the average family. I researched web.consumerreports.org and it states that the average “new” washers life span is 10 years and using the numbers mentioned, that’s 1,560-2,080 loads of laundry in its life span. We will average 19,240 loads in the same 10 year period.
After looking at these numbers I now understand why our three year old washer is starting to have issues. It has washed 10+ years of laundry in only three years. To date (current problem excluded, agitator having issues) we have only had to put out $36.78 for a new water level sensor. At full price that works out to only $18.35 a year, not including the electricity and water. Not a bad investment.
Thank you,
Richard K.
ICare Consulting
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