Author: Kreisler

I'm a Certified Caregiving Consultant in which I help caregivers or persons with disabilities locate where to go, who to talk to or how to organize all the paperwork that's coming in. I am also a trifecta caregiver, I care for my mom part time (heart disease and strokes), co-care for my brother in-law, Robert who has epilepsy, lives with us and who I co-care for with my wife and for myself with severe chronic low back pain (22.5 yrs.). I host my own blog site, and do scheduling for a local HVAC company. I also post blogs on and, I am a guest on radio shows and moderate chats for several sites. I am a Notary Public who specializes in Real Estate. I am 50 yr. old, happily married (17.5 yrs), two amazing 25 yr old daughters, awesome 21 yr old son, two black labs (9 yrs. & 2 yr.), 17 yr old Shih Tsu, a 17 yr old camp cat and a large (6" dia.) turtle. I enjoy Meditation, Yoga, Photography, Art. My family (including my pets) are my past time. Namaste'

My son was deployed just about 3-1/2 months ago.  In that time he has missed several holidays.  How surprised was I when he called to obtain our address so he could mail me a card.  Another surprise was from him (Qatar, Egypt) to us here in Sacramento, Ca. only took 6 days via USPS.  …

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