Author: Kreisler

I'm a Certified Chronic Pain Support Group Leader with U.S Pain Foundation, a Certified Caregiving Consultant in which I help caregivers or persons with disabilities locate where to go, who to talk to or how to organize all the paperwork Involved. I am also a trifecta caregiver, I care for my mom part time (heart disease and strokes), co-care for my brother in-law, Robert (epilepsy, mobility issues), he also lives with us, finally for myself (severe chronic low back pain) for 24.5 yrs. I host my own blog site, and involved with many other sites and blogs. I am a guest on radio shows and have moderated numerous internet shows. I am 53 yr. old, happily married (20 yrs), with two amazing daughters and an awesome son, two black labs a Shih Tsu, and a large (8" dia.) turtle. I enjoy Meditation, Yoga, Photography, Art. My family (including my pets) are my past time. Namaste'

Branching Out

One of my co-authors, Trish Hughes Kreis is leading the Listen & Learn session on, “Caring for Our Loved Ones” At the 2018 Epilepsy Awareness Day Disneyland in Anaheim, Ca. Join her if you can.

Article in the INvisible Project magazine

Happy Weekend to All. A while back I was asked by the U.S. Pain Foundation if I would like to tell my story of chronic pain. Well, it happened. In this months issue of, INvisible Project myself and eleven others were interviewed. Just a few days ago the print copy of the magazine came in…

Here’s part of what was on the U.S Pain Foundation’s website, The article goes into some of what’s happening during September 2018, Pain Awareness Month. Posted 8/30/2018 ABOUT US PROGRAMS ADVOCACY NEWS & EVENTS GET INVOLVED DONATE UNITE WITH PAIN WARRIORS THIS SEPTEMBER August 30, 2018/ U.S. Pain Foundation/ 0 Comments Now, more than…