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What this caregiver misunderstood about self care

My wife and co-author recently had a minor stroke. The link will take you to her article about what she thought and what she learned. twitter.com/robertssister1/status/1013612788462153728 Happy reading. Richard Kreis. iCare Consulting 365 Caregiving Tips iCareConsulting@att.net Richard@365CaregivingTips.com

Concerned or not?

I know my mom is stubborn but this goes above and beyond. So, grab a seat and read this. Here’s a bit of her medical history, she has had fluid on and in her lungs (surgery to drain it and clean the interior walls). Then 5-6 months later she had to have two heart valves…

Mom, Med’s and Oh My!!

     My Mom, Her Med’s and Oh My, I think that tells you about where I’m heading.  The other day my mom and me meet for a bi-monthly breakfast/coffee/lunch which ever one we decide to do and this is a none medical appointment get together.  I make sure to do this to let mom know that…