At Sut_ _ r Downtown and they confirmed Mom just arrived and until she is in a room I need to wait in the lobby. I brought moms, Medical History Information Sheet (1 Page), which has her insurance information, medications, schedule, allergies, etc. and asked if they could at least take it back to her to give the nurses. Security where I check in said they couldn’t as the nurses were upset with them for calling back often with “status on patient ____” from families waiting in the lobby.

I didn’t ask how she was, I asked if she had arrived yet and if you could take 20 seconds to take a piece of paper with important information on it to Mom who has had several strokes, heart valves replaced, lungs drained of blood and more. She also most likely does not have her hearing aids and can barely speak due to the past 3-4 days of outrageous coughing. Come on people this paper will make your job easier not harder. #givemeabreak #really #dontannoythenurses

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