My mom was sent to University Post Acute Rehab (UAPR) after being in UC Davis from a blackout episode. She was diagnosed with COPD, low blood pressure and low pulse. In the 16 days since moving to UPAR, she was there she was seen by the doctor once (1). They first were suppose to increase her water pill back to 2x a day and that took us 10 days of pushing to get them to do. By this time her legs were already swelling back up. Next, the flu virus started running through the facility and even after a week of her “DEEP CHEST & LUNG” coughing, aches, pain and fever (flu virus) and asking to see the doctor or to get something for it nothing was done. We were told four times that the doctor was going to see her that day they just didn’t have a time, the end of day came and no doctor.

Finally, on 1/19/18 she told by her nurse that she could hear fluid in her lung and that the doctor would be in. A few hours later another staff member came in and asked if she had been seen. When mom said no, the staff said she was sorry but thought mom should know he had already left. She was so bad we both complained to the nurses station that something needed to be done. They went and grabbed the head nurse who looked through her chart and went back to her office. Mom returned to her room in wait. Finally the head nurse came back and said, “I spoke with the doctor and we’re going to send you to the emergency room.” REALLY? We found out that mom did have the flu virus which the rehab facility could not even tell us and it had moved into pneumonia. She required Lasix treatment, antibiotics, several breathing treatments and more.

We are caregivers to my mom (part time) and my brother in-law full time and know when something should be done or it’s now working. When the doctor only shows up once on intake and never again, steps are not taken once the cough started to go out of control, or even when she was not given the medication dosages she was suppose to get, there’s something wrong. We will not suggest even as a last resort, recommended anyone send a loved one here. We had five hours to pick a place to transfer her to and this facility was recommended, just not by us. Keep your eyes open, your ears listening and when your gut says, “Oh No You Didn’t,” Don’t.

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