What a month we have ahead!!

Things have been building up for us here in terms of hospital visits. Starting last month when mom had an exploratory surgery of her heart valves. Now with my ongoing back and when the Venus Stasis Ulcers in my legs had to be repaired again. Here’s the list of our schedule starting with mom’s procedure.

June 25th-28th I’m in the Hyperbaric

Chamber (2hrs a day) to aid in

would healing.

July 1st-5th

July 2nd Mom has heart valve

exploratory surgery.

July 3rd Mom taken to ER, can’t catch a

good breath. Admitted into


July 3rd Me, in Wound Therapy

July 5th Me, Pain Pump Refill

July 8th-12th Me Hyperbaric Chamber

(2hrs a day).

July 9th Mom has a Cardio Version to

reset her heart to normal heart

rate. She was running at 127 bpm

for six days.

July 10th Me, in Wound Therapy

July 11th I had three blood veins in my

left leg collapsed as they were to

large and causing more flow to my

wound and slowing the healing.

Also performed surgical wound


July 15th Me, in Wound Therapy

July 15th-19th Me Hyperbaric Chamber

(2hrs a day).

July 16th Mom going in to have double

heart valve replacement.

July 18th Me, Going in for the start of

my fifth skin. Step 1: Hyperbaric

Chamber. Step 2: Surgical wound

cleaning. MedVac put on for Acidic

Wash Drip Irrigation.

July 22nd Me, Step 3: Fifth Skin Graph.

July 22nd-26th Me Hyperbaric Chamber

(2hrs a day).

July 23rd Pain Pump Refill

July 29th-31st Me Hyperbaric Chamber

(2hrs a day).

July 30 Me, Pain Pump Refill

August Me, (25) More Hyperbaric

Chamber Sessions.

All of these were done at a number of facilities.

1. Pain Management Office

2. Sutter, Roseville

3. Sutter, Sacramento

4. Kaiser, Roseville

5. Kaiser, Mid-Town

6. Kaiser, Sacramento

7. UC Davis, Rancho Cordova

8. UC Davis, Sacramento

As you can see it’s been and will continue to be a busy month for us. With all of this we care for my BIL, Robert who has Epilepsy who has his own facilities (7, 8) which even will all my stuff we need to care for him and his also. Those of us dealing with chronic pain can’t really stop and not take care of all the other things going on in our lives. One day, One step, One task at a time and if all we can do is one task a day then that’s all we can do. Keep moving……

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