Chronic Pain Patients R FED UP!

#CPPSRFEDUP Help It Trend!

This Is Our New Writing Campaign!

Below is a list of every Attorney General. Asking every friend & family member, sick & healthy to write a short letter to your AG and “educate them.”

We all know there is an Illegal Heroin/Fentanyl/ Street Drug Crisis, Yet CPP’s are losing life saving medication & suffering needlessly.

Many are dieing by Pain Induced Suicides. And heart attacks from the stress of uncontrollable pain. Please, we beg you a short letter beginning with ……..

CPPS R FED UP! FED UP being judged unfairly, FED UP being treated like a drug seeker, FED UP watching loved ones suffer, FED UP of the false narrative, FED UP of suffering when you did nothing wrong …the list is endless. Write what you are FED UP about! Tweet it making it a trending caption…. many lives are at stake! Thank you all, Penny Waterman & Your Fellow CPP’S !!!!


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