It Never Ends

Yesterday I had a weekly wrapping change out and wound cleaning at the wound therapy clinic. I ended up seeing the head of the department who back in January asked that an echocardiogram be done on my lower left leg. When I went in for the echocardiogram the tech noticed that I had just had one not 30 days earlier. She called the clinic and was told they would just use the December results and the test was not necessary.

While there yesterday the doctor stated that he had noticed an enlarged blood vein that runs down from the inner right side of my left leg down directly under the area of my wound. This blood vein is most likely the main cause of the original issue in having and that is, pin hole streams of blood spitting out of my lower leg, some at 12-18″ distances. Since this started, I’ve had three minor surgeries to tie off the leaking vein or valve. Some of which quickly became infected and requiring skin graphs. I currently have had four graphs and a fifth one being scheduled.

How was this Venus Hypertension issue not noticed earlier. Numerous X-rays, scans, echocardiograms, weekly and some weeks were bi-weekly visits to wound therapy, several surgeries, five specialists and more. How was this Venus Hypertension issue not noticed earlier?

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