Needed Respite

As you all know as caregivers, “If you don’t care for yourself you can’t really care for someone else properly. For the past 5-6 weeks we have had to help work with Robert (BIL) was hit hard when he aspirated rated lunch one day. Aspirated is when liquid or food goes down into one lungs instead of the stomach. The food then has a chance to become infected and cause pneumonia. Which Robert immune system already low this is always a concern. We have also been dealing with mom who fell 4-5 times in at two week period and each time tweeted her ankles to the point she now cannot stand to do physical therapy. At least two of these falls were due to a mild stroke (#7-8). We just found out that Robert will be home in the next week or so and this is a perfect time for a mini vacation. We are going to the beach to rest and relax before he get released and before moms week of appointments which is this coming week.

Remember to take a respite time when ever you can. This will help you be a better caregiver and gives your loved one a bit of a vacation also. Good Luck and Happy Caregiving.

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