U.S Pain Foundations 9/6/18 Events for Pain Awareness Month

Below find a list of events being held by U.S Pain Foundation and their advocates. I am posting these a few days in advance allowing you time to schedule your days to attend.

Afternoon Pain Connection Chronic Pain Support Group Call

September 6, 2018 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Conference DIAL-IN NUMBER: (319) 527-3510*

Participant Access code 171649#

After dialing in and entering the access code, we request a first name and state/country, or you can be silent.

It’s okay just to listen. If you wish to share you may join in.

Touch Tone Command explanations:

*4 Conference instructions

*6 Mute/Unmute during the call

*3 Exit the call

Participation in the conference call is free. Standard long distance charges apply to the phone call. The conference calls are not taped.

Thank you,

Richard Kreis

iCare Consulting


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