My 2017 Pain Awareness Month Project


I know, I know it is only August, but do you know fast it will go before September is here?  Each year since I started this blog I have done a September Awareness Month Project with last years being daily interviews of folks or their loved ones who are living with chronic pain. For this years I would like to post, A TIP A DAY TO HELP KEEP PAIN AWAY” or more.

What I need from you, my fellow chronic pain tenders is your tips, your tricks, your Ah Ha moments of how you (as much as you can) keep your pain at bay.  What do you do that helps keep your pain level down so you can go to the park with the kids, go food shopping, pick up the kids from school, work or even just go out to dinner with your spouse or family?  Let me know your tips and/tricks and a brief paragraph about your situation and I will be happy to post it on my website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thank you for helping me get this year’s (my fourth now) Pain Awareness Month project online and out to others having to deal with pain on a daily basis.


Richard K.  img_0811-13                                                                               i-Care Consulting                                                                                                      

Thank you for taking the time to read posts on my site.

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