At Sacramento International Airport (4:58am) heading to the Atlas of Caregiving event in Santa Barbara which I am a guest speaker. I checked in received my boarding passes, went through security and lost my connecting pass. At the gate I was getting a replacement boarding pass, there were two agents talking personal issues and doing something on the computer. I waited 11 minutes before either of them acknowledged me. Not a, “Hello, Good Morning, We’ll be right with you, or We finish up getting San Francisco flight can you hold one minute? Nothing!!” 
Where has Common Curtesy gone? This has nothing to do with any previous issues United may have been involved in.

I just feel acknowledging someone at you place of work when they enter, holding a door open for someone (disabled or not), even pulling out a chair for someone is simple little things we can and should be doing.
Thank you,                                                          Richard K.                                                                iCare Consulting                           

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