Epilepsy Awareness Month: Follow-up Interview with Christy Shake

Trish Hughes Kreis of Robertssister.com has added another Epilepsy related article interview with one of her long time followers Christy Shake who cares for her son, earlier today (11/9 @ 6:47pm).  I have provided you with the first question below to provide you with a glance of what’s covered.  Happy reading.


Robert’s Sister: I interviewed you in November 2012 and I am curious what changes have occurred in the last four years. Please remind us how epilepsy has affected your life.
In February of 2014, I began treating my twelve-year-old son Calvin’s epilepsy with a homemade THCA cannabis oil, a boy who, in the ten years since his diagnosis, had failed as many antiepileptic drugs. At the time we added the cannabis oil to his regimen, he was taking high doses of two pharmaceutical drugs, Keppra and Onfi, a benzodiazepine. We decided to wean the benzodiazepine because Calvin’s behavior had become intolerable; he screamed and flailed much of the time and didn’t sleep well at all. It was clear to us it was due to the drugs.




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