September Is and It’s Special Days…



It makes people wonder what your up to.

September is all of the following nationally recognized months and there are more:

  • National Pain Awareness Month

  • Self Improvement Month

  • Honey Month

  • National Courtesy Month

  • Baby Safety Month

  • Hispanic Heritage Month

  • Classical Music Month

  • National Blueberry Popsicle Month

  • National Piano Month

  • Fall Hat Month

  • Little League Month

  • Better Breakfast Month


“Pain Without Humor is Just Painful”

~ Richard Kreis

September also has very special days nationally recognized specific days in it.  Such as and these are not in order and not everyday is listed below.

  • 911 Remembrance (Please never forget this date, 11th)

  • Labor Day (1st)

  • Grandparent’s Day (6th)

  • National Pet Memorial Day (2nd)

  • National Cheeseburger Day (Robert Loves this one, 18th)

  • National Cream-Filled Donut Day (Oh Yea!, 14th)

  • Oktoberfest Begins (To include reunification day it will run from 8/20 – 9/4)

  • International Literacy Day (8th)

  • Be Late for Something Day (5th)

  • Read a Book Day (6th)

  • Chocolate Milk Shake Day (Robert will love this one also, 12th)

  • Fortune Cookie Day (13th)

  • Positive Thinking Day (13th)

  • Miniature Golf Day (21st)

  • POW/MIA Recognition Day (16th)

  • World Gratitude Day (21st)

  • Ask a Stupid Question Day (I know it’s in September yet cannot locate exact day)

  • National Good Neighbor Day (24th)

  •  Native American Day (23rd)

  • Confucius Day (Don’t forget to get a Fortune Cookie, 6th)


And there are many others…..  Have a wonderful September and may it bring you rest, relaxation, peace, love and joy.  To all of you, People Living with Chronic Pain may your September be less painful and more in your control.  Remember;

“You may be in pain, but don’t let pain control you.”

~ Richard Kreis

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