I normally write post relating to chronic pain, caregiving, Alzheimer’s or Epilepsy.  At time I do write reviews on caregiving related products, however this review is on a product I had an issue with the first time I used it.

The product is the, “Miracle Grill Matt” which in reading the cover and back side of the packaging it clearly states, good to 500 degrees, on a grill and for chicken.

Well, I purchased two of these for on my BBQ, when I arrived home I wiped the pad off with warm water and then dried them off.  I then placed them on the grill and turned on the grill for pre-heating.  When the temperature reached 400 degrees I placed the chicken leg halves on the pads with nothing hanging over onto the grill.  I set a timer for 10 minutes to go back and check on them.  Not even five minutes in I started smelling smoke and ran out to the BBQ.  This is what I found,

I came out to flames coming out from under the hood of my BBQ and YES!! that is my $20.00 worth of chicken (Charcoal Flavored now) in the middle of a massive cavity of flames.  I was not even close to the 500 degree mark, one of the mats now burned and unusable.  Maybe if they were used at a lower temperature, without the hood of your grill closed they might be worth it.  For my purchase and my final review, I feel these are not worth the $9.99 or the $4.99 price that I paid on sale. I guess the saying, “You Get What You Pay For” is right, at least in my situation.  Good Luck with your purchases and be careful. 

Thank you,

Richard Kreis


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