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Colorado Citizen Press Forward: We thought it important to share this letter submitted to us in order to generate a discussion regarding the negative effects of big government in people’s everyday lives. We hear about the opioid crisis more often than not these days, but this letter offers a view of pain and the opioid epidemic that is rarely covered. Please take the time to read through this letter, and provide a respectful response in the comments below.

From: Megan Broschat

The opinions expressed in “Letters to the Citizen Press” are the author’s own and do not represent the views of ColoradoCitizenPress.com.

I would like to submit my story of how I have been affected by the harmful blanket policies applied by insurance, pharmacies, medical associations, providers, CDC, FDA, and the DEA.

My life changed in an instant. I was doing well managing my pain, hopes, work, friends, family and treatment plans. Right after an 8 level spinal fusion through the pelvis, I started experiencing the fallout. It took nearly 2 weeks to control my pain in the hospital and I was expected to be in severe pain for around 3-6 months and moderate up to a year and a half. I couldn’t get my discharge script and it took months to sort out the new policies, the worst months of my entire life.

I’ve not recovered from my surgeries and at first, I was managing with pain meds, every other treatment my insurance would approve and physical therapy. As time went on my pain became more uncontrolled, we were out of treatments and I’d lost my home and my ability to work. I’m still fighting to get through every hour and my doctor is refusing to take the advice of my pain management providers and wanting to treat me with medication used to treat addiction because she wants to reduce her odds of being sanctioned by the DEA or losing her license.

We are both suffering under the immense weight of policies that were designed to treat addicts and illegal drug users, not pain, cancer and post OP patients. It’s difficult to keep track of all those who have resorted to suicide and passive suicide due to undertreated pain; those we lost from withdrawal from abrupt tapering or abandonment.

My story is mild compared to others, but still I suffer immensely and struggle with suicidal ideation and trying to talk myself into hanging on one more day because I am fighting not just for myself but for everyone impacted; from patients to animals, veterans and providers to the taxpayers we burden and our loved ones who are struggling watching us in agony and having to care for us.

The media has refused to air and publish the devastating effects because it goes against the original agenda and they don’t want to admit they were wrong. I am hoping that you can help us change this dynamic so that we are seen and heard instead of ignored and hidden. This is a matter of life and death.

The medical associations have updated their publications and recommendations, but the policies and stigma are still in place. Providers are losing their livelihoods, families are losing their loved ones, and patients are losing every facet of their lives. The opioid hysteria has given way to a pain crisis and a suicide epidemic. I truly hope you can help us. Let me know if you are willing to accept my documented story (this is only a piece of what I’ve been experiencing the last 2 years) and if there is anything else I can do to help. Thank you!

Megan Broschat is one of our readers, who reached out to us to publish her personal story. If you are interested in submitting a letter for publication, please submit through our Citizen Tip Line at this link: Tip Line. We reserve the right to edit anything submitted for grammar, content, and length.

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