What the cluck?

This past Friday I had an appointment set with my vascular surgeon, wound therapy specialists and a vascular & wound specialist to try any figure out why my leg wound has not healed in the past four years and why four skin graphs in the last year have all partially or completely failed.

At the appointment we were asked what’s been done about my right heart issue? That was funny because I’ve never been told I had a right heart issue. Apparently this is the part of the heart that pulls blood back from your extremities. He also mentioned that my blood test over past 4-5 years show my protein and iron have gone down significantly and asked how was that being handled. I couldn’t respond with anything other then, “What low blood levels?” This has never been mentioned either.

He also asked why I was walking around with my wound site open to air and not covered. I informed him my surgeon thought it would be good to leave it opened to air and to sit out in the sun to allow it to take in some Vitamin D. He did not agree with my answer at all. Next thing I knew he’s saying that I will be admitted to watch the wound, clean it up and that I need to get an ultrasound, angiogram (4hr procedure) and an echocardiogram to compare them to past results.

So Friday I had dinner the NTE after midnight for the angiogram in hopes they can fit me in on Saturday. Next day 3pm still no test and am informed I’m on Sundays schedule, so I get dinner. Sunday comes and within minutes the two main test both arrive and we do the echo in the room then go to the procedure room for the angiogram. After I recover from the anesthesia I’m informed that the veins in my legs are fine, no full/partial blockages, YES!! Still waiting for the echo results.

Sunday rolls into Monday morning and and there’s no news or test scheduled so far. I am hoping that they find something, anything that could be causing the healing process to stall. We care for my BIL Robert and at time my mom. Now all of this is in Trish’s (wife) hands when normally it’s split between us like a well oiled military machine. I guess this just goes to prove when you into see your doctor you never know what the end result is going to be.

Covers 12/7/18 – 12/10/18


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