CRAP, Not What I Wanted to Hear

Here it is Monday (12/10/18) and after a long night of ups/downs I get my breakfast, French toast, banana, coffee, milk, OJ and Corn Flakes. Not bad for a meal in a hospital. Just as I turn to start eating in comes the floor doctor who needs to see the wound and is still concerned that the test so far so everything’s good. He is going to contact Dr. W, the wound therapy, vascular specialist. He finishes and ends the meeting letting me know that as soon as all the test results are in he will return and we can talk. Then not 3 minutes after he leaves the tech needing to take me down to have an ultrasound done on both legs with the doctor hoping to compare the left leg to the last test they did in 9/17. So we go down and get the test done and after 90 minutes the nurses tell me their just going to get me a hot meal. Yea!!

It was only minutes after he left that Dr. C, another wound therapy and vascular specialist comes in saying he needs to see the entire wound site. Back to removing everything we just did. Poor wash cloths, every time they do a cleaning I roll up a wash cloth to bite on. He starts off with, “Some people just don’t heal and that I may be one of them. Then again, from his research the only thing he can think of that would give my leg the best chances to heal would be to proceed with it like this:

Wednesday – Meeting with Bariatric Specialists

Thursday – 5th Skin Graft with med pump and compression. Start on 3-4 week pick line to inject antibiotics 2-3 times daily.

Thursday/Friday – 1st Bariatric chamber treatment 2hrs.

With this will come 3 weeks of 12-18 treatments in the bariatric chamber.

As the doctor put it that with them being this aggressive if it does not work he has no idea where to go from there. Really as he put it, I’m SOL. Now it’s a waiting game to get the results of all the tests and getting the doctors talking to decide what’s next. YEA!😐

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