My Journey Continues…

I have been living with regional chronic pain (RCP) for 25 years and have had a intrathecal pain management pump (IPMP) inserted in my abdomen for 18-20 years of that. Approximately 4-5 years ago my workers compensation insurance company approached me to see about buying me out and offered, $225,000 for future medical and once that was done I would use Medicare from then on. My pump alone is $30,000 every time it needs to be replaced and another $1,400 every 6-7 weeks to refill the Fentanyl inside the pump. You can see their amount would not last long. So we countered and told no.

Now for the past several years my insurance company has been slowly denying me, first various medications and then treatments that helped keep my back from locking up, spasming and more. The first step for them was to deny my medications such as Hytrin which was to help with the excessive sweating caused by the Fentanyl in my IPMP. Then it was Lyrica which was helping control some nerve pain and the sciatic nerve spasms going into my right leg. Then they denied every oral medication my doctors prescribed and stopped my Norco (1-2x a day) cold turkey.

They then went on to denying me any type of gym or workout related treatments, massages, acupuncture, acupressure, and more. All of which were prescribed by my Pain Management doctor of 18-20 years. In February, WCI was notified that my IPMP’s battery was due to run out requiring the pump be replaced in just 5-6 months. Three weeks later they denied a replacement pump and any refill prescription for the Fentanyl medication, their reasoning is that their internal medical advisor have determined that it is an unnecessary treatment.

What? The IPMP has gotten me out of bed, able to move and have a semi normal life, and your wanting to take that away from me? I was awarded, “Medical for Life” by the Workers Compensation Court Judge 15 years ago and now your really going to far. I’m not sure where I’m going from here. Come back to see what happens.

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