What a years end

I need to say thank you to my loving wife Trish. In mid December I had a skin graft surgery on a leg wound which put caring for my BIL Robert on her and my mom. Then on Christmas Day Robert became ill with pneumonia, sepsis and the flu virus and was admitted on 12/26. Finally, on New Years Eve, mom passed out for 10-15 seconds and fell hitting her face and shoulder on the wall, she was then admitted for low (74/43) blood pressure.

Two days ago both Robert and Mom were transfer red to rehab facilities only 1/2 mile apart. Both will be in for approximately two weeks. With having to visit Robert (bad self reporter), visiting mom, helping me with my leg issues and still squeezing in 6-8hrs a day of work, to compare her to the Energizer Bunny would down grade her drive, commitment and love.

Trish gives everything to ensure her family and friends are well cared for and happy. Trish, Thank you for the love and support you show and everything you do for the three of us.

P.S: You can’t make up a story like this.

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