This is where we’re at…

I just heard these words from my wound doctor who is also a vascular surgeon, “This is where we’re at…

A year ago this month I had to have vascular surgery on my lower left leg due to a failed blood vessel valve. Since that time I have been going into the wound therapy clinic once and sometimes twice a week to have my leg checked, cleaned and re-wrapped. The reason is I will go a week or so with no problems and then they will find green drainage caused by bacteria, sometimes the swab test will show upwards of seven different bacteria which is a big set back.

In the past year they have tried numerous treatments, Ace wraps, neoprene compression wraps, heavy duty compression, leg raised as much as possible, which inflames my chronic back pain. They have also had me using antibiotics, Dakin’s and acidic washes, various creams, gels and such to try and get rid of the bacteria. I even went through “Maggot Therapy.” Yes, I said “Maggot.”

Maggot therapy was by far the worst. They actually build up a wall (1/8”-1/4” high) around the wound and for mine they were going to use 1250-1500 maggots, yet they settled on 800. These are placed around the surface of the wound and then a clear plastic lid is placed on it, then you go home for 1-2 days and wait. Wait until you feel those little buggers nibbling away and then you see them through the lid!!! It was painful but they did exactly what the doctors hopped, cleaned my wound of all dead skin, fluff, etc. leaving a nice pink new wound.

So after all of this my doctor, after meeting with two other vascular specialist, a wound specialist, my GP was involved All agreed that, This is where we’re at, we either need to keep the current course of treatment or we need to move it up to the next step. The next step is to, while under IV pain medication for my back and leg to sedate me, do a surgical cleaning of the wound, take a one layer skin graft from my thigh, graft it onto the wound site, seal it in a pressure sleeve to help it take, wrap it in a heavy compression and then either admit me or place me in a care facility to recover for 1-3 weeks depending on how long it takes to heal.

Talk about worrying, me and Trish (my lovely wife) care for her brother who has epilepsy and it takes both of us to make the time Roberts not at his day program go smooth. Yes, we’ve both done it all for a day or two, well Trish has done 4-5 days before, but to take it all on for 1-3 weeks, work a 40 hour week and stop in to visit me at the hospital once or twice puts her into Wonder Woman status. I know it has to be done but I can’t help worrying about my family. Well, the next step is scheduling it and getting it done. I pray it does what the doctors are wanting it to do.

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