We’ve Released the 2018 365 Caregiving Tips Calendar.

The 2018 Calendar is Out!

This is the time of year I look forward to cooler weather, apple pie, Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland and planning for our annual Thanksgiving dinner and Black Friday shopping!  (Sorry, I don’t look forward to the rampant pumpkin spice flavor taking over the world.)

Artwork by Pegi Foulkrod

I do get butterflies in my stomach this time of year, though, just thinking about the 365 Caregiving Tips Calendar!  Anyone who has seen the beautiful artwork by Pegi Foulkrod has that feeling too.

Pegi’s artwork is very special.  While a caregiver to her husband, Jimmy, she reconnected with her love of art and we are the ones who benefit from her gift.  Her art is lovely, comforting and simply breathtaking.

I love helping to put her art into the 365 Caregiving Tips annual calendar.  Jimmy was the one who first encouraged Pegi to share her work and the annual caregiving calendar was born!  There was one year when I was very busy and considered (for a minute) not doing it that year.  However, Jimmy was very persistent and I couldn’t let him down.

That was just a couple of short months before he died and I am grateful he was able to see one more year of Pegi’s calendars.  (And you better believe I don’t dare consider letting Jimmy down again!)

Artwork by Pegi Foulkrod

Pegi creates art throughout the year and, somehow, the gorgeous pieces fit with each month throughout the year. We’ve added tips from our latest book, 365 Caregiving Tips: Hospitals, Care Facilities and Hospice, Practical Tips from Everyday Caregivers, so the calendar is not only lovely to look at but practical and helpful too!

Please consider purchasing a calendar for your home or office and one as a gift to a caregiving friend.  The 2018 365 Caregiving Tips Calendar is sold exclusively here.

We hope this artwork and our practical tips make your caregiving day a little easier.

Take care,

Trish, Pegi, Gincy, Richard, Kathy

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