Do you deal with chronic pain?

I have sat and thought about how to answer this very question, “What does living with chronic pain feel like?” The issue is, of course it’s different for everyone and for the type of chronic pain you have. For me and my chronic back pain (24yrs.) it varies often and from season to season. It is real similar to taking a real painful Charlie Horse in you calf or hamstring and placing that pain right across your belt line 22-24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7). Even with an spinal pain pump working 24/7 the pain is only decreased by about 40%.

Other days it can be an intense throbbing pain with electrical spikes running down my legs via the sciatic nerves, which at time have put me on the ground in pain. Still other days it’s similar to having a 50lbs weight tapped to my low back, slowing my movements and causing the pain. Bustle or BDG Media did a post, “What Does Chronic Pain Feel Like? This is What Everyday Things Are Like For People With Chronic Pain.” Which can be found at the following link

If you are dealing with chronic pain and would like to share your daily battles, we would like to hear them. Reply with your stories and we’ll make sure they get posted.

Thank you, Richard Kreis

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