Today is the day!!  First, a bit of history on how I got to today’s treatment/  In November 2016 I had another valve in one of the veins fail requiring it to be tied off.  Since then the surgery site has been hit with numerous bacteria and unable to heal at a rate the doctors are comfortable with.  I have been to several wound therapy clinics and tried numerous treatments to keep the site dry and bacteria free.  What started out as the size of a nickel or quarter is now just about 3″ x 5″ (+/-).

At 11:00 am pst today, I go in to have 1250 larvae enclosed in “a cage” attached to the wound site on my left leg for 24-48 hours.

Fly Larve Photo II


Maggot therapy is a type of biotherapy involving the introduction of live disinfected maggots (fly larvae) into the non-healing skin and soft tissue wound(s) of a human or animal for the purpose of cleaning out the necrotic (dead) tissue within a wound (debridement) and disinfection.


My provider does this every once in a while for those stubborn wounds that just will not heal correctly.  The doctor doing the procedure of attaching “The Cage-O-Maggots” to my leg needs to inform the Emergency Room that the procedure is being done just in case I can not handle the full 24-48 hour period that they know I might be stopping in to have the cage removed.  Imagine being an ER room doctor and at 2 am I walk in complaining about my leg just killing me and they take off the gauze to find 1250 maggots crawling all over my wound.  One of my wound therapy nurses has never seen the procedure done and asked if it would be OK to watch, of course as long as you video tape it.  So, you get the picture.   Would you try this treatment if you had a wound that would just not heal?   I look forward to your responses.

Have a great week,                                                                                                                   Richard Kreis                                                                                                                                  iCare Consulting                                                                                        

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