Mom comes home, Part 1

What a week we just had. Found out that mom gets to come home from stroke rehab. on Wednesday, only two day before going to South Lake Tahoe for her 1st granddaughters wedding, which we head up to help with final issues on Thursday. Due to the micro-strokes she had on 6/25 and again on 6/28, when she goes home she has to have someone with her 24/7 for first 30 days. So, we need someone to be with her Wed. pm, Wed. Night, Thur-Friday am and Thur pm. Should not be an issue with my two brothers (Mark-OB and Jim-YB) and her six siblings right? WRONG!! Initially one brother worked, other on jury duty. Here’s her siblings, one summer RV’ing, two not talking, one lives 10hrs away, one’s passed and final one couldn’t reach at a funeral five hours away.                                                                 

Richard, Mom, Jim “YB” and Mark “OB”

So I finally get a text that my brothers two step kids would like to spend time with her on Wed-Thur days. Then we hear her sister will do nights. Well, until two days ago. For some reason she sent this text “I’m out” shortened version. Said she offered days, however I told her, “we could not reach you so when Marks kids offered I took them up on it.” So now we go from 100% set to needing someone for Wed-Thur nights and Friday day. I agreed to take Wed. pm and OB will take Thur. pm and Friday day. Still not done. Then YB who was working Wed-Fri double shifts is freed up and he is now going to be with mom Wed. night. I hope this is it. I’m not even getting married and I was starting to stress over mom having someone there with her. 

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