My Dealing with My Health Provider

On Friday I called to set up or at least speak to my wound therapy nurse, Sherry who has been dealing with the surgery site on my leg that just will not he’s and has been infected twice now with a total of (9) bacteria. Changing the would yesterday morning I could tell it was infected again and just overnight areas began turning colors. I called Sherry yesterday to see if I should switch back to the prior treatment, stay as is until we meet on Monday or what. When I called the receptionist took my information and ask questions, one being “Have you sent this to your surgeon yet?”  I explained that I did, in fact, send photos with an email of concerns on this past Monday, new photos with email on Wednesday and when I saw the color change first thing yesterday morning and to date, No Response.” She said she would get this to Sherry and have her call me back. Thank you, that’s all I want. 

Not 16 minutes later I received a call from the vascular surgery department at my surgeon’s facility (facility Sherry is at us a lot closer to home) and I answered and received this, “Hello Richard, this is XYZ Surgery Center, and we have a 3:30 pm for you to meet with a surgeon on site and a 4:00 pm to meet with our Surgical Wound Therapy Nurse, Oh, that’s today? 

I went to the appointment with this now being the third surgeon to work on my legs healing, there’s also been an Infectious Disease doctor, three wound therapy nurses and myself which I change out the bandages twice a day. With a recent CT scan of my leg, the surgeon found that directly under my wound there are several clumps of veins several feeds by the main vein in my leg and they’re under high pressure which is causing pressure under the weakest point in my leg, the wound area. With that, he believes that this high pressure is keeping the wound open and with only using tube-a-grip socks for compression it’s not going to heal as fast as they want it to.  

Tubigrip Socks ( once put on have a certain compression rating and each day they are used the compression factor decreases and with them being changed twice a week is just not enough compression. He is suggesting going to a heavier compression treatment using a foam compression wrap, aka Capri-Foam and other names depending on the manufacturer. With this, they are going with an Iodine Clay product directly on the wound, which is to help heal and dry out the wound. 

With this, he is also adding that I need to keep my leg raised as much as possible, not do any shopping without using the mobile handicap shopping carts and to not do more than one at a time. If I can’t follow these guidelines then his next request is going to be, Bed Rest. No!!! So, I am off to become as stagnant as possible, well as much as possible with my chronic back pain which will be interesting. Wish me luck!!

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