[Robert’s Sister] Epilepsy Awareness Month – Interview with Amy Schlenker, 11/24/16

Just under a week until the end of Epilepsy Awareness Month and Trish Hughes Kreis of http://www.robertssister.com’s month-long daily interviews of individuals who fight every day with this horrible medical condition.  They and their loved ones live daily with a condition that gives them no warning signs or very simple signs if  you can see “all of their seizures.”  It is just one condition that the afflicted doesn’t know when, where, how strong or for how long their next seizure is going to be, many have stepped up to share their stories, tribulations, seizures and recoveries issues with Trish who has made it her journey to bring these stories to the internet and hopefully further to let people now the truth about epilepsy and those affected by it.

Today’s Robert’s Sister’s, Epilepsy Awareness Month – Interview is with Amy Schlenker who shares the story of Paige her 11 years old daughter. I have attached the original address link to the robertssister.com so you can read the interview in its entirety.



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