Dr. Alderton and Epilepsy Pillows

Dr. Alderton posted this A few days ago and I felt it was necessary repost it again. 

“Save Money on Epilepsy Pillows

Produced by UK Healthcare Professionals, Don and Christine Alderton – a pharmacist and a health visitor – to help prevent their son dying during sleep seizures.  US Epilepsy Societies can now offer their families and web site visitors a special discount at this web page:


I should be grateful if you would let your families and web visitors know of this opportunity:  Now is a very good time for US buyers: the ‘Brexit’ vote has made the currency exchange rate very favourable, and together, the special 15% web site discount and 15% cheaper GBP makes Sleep-Safe about 30% cheaper than the ‘headline’ price.

Best wishes,

Don Alderton




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