’s, Epilepsy Awareness Month: Interview with Eileen (Will’s Mom)

For Epilepsy Awareness Month, Trish Hughes Kreis is posting intervies and follow up interviews with people who live their life’s with Epilepsy and family members of persons with Epilepsy as with today’s (NOVEMBER 7, 2016 at 8:45pm PST) from Eileen (Will’s Mom).

I have listed the websites link below so you can read the full story as well as look into the wealth of information she has posted pertaining to Epilepsy.



I would like to thank you for reading and hopefully commenting on the articles posted here both by my own articles as well as guest articles from individuals, groups and companies of which pertain to topics from, caregiving, chronic pain, government topics, treatments and more. If you have other issues you would like to see written about, please send me an email and I will see what I can find to help. 

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