Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland (EADDL)

Epilepsy Awareness Day Disneyland is approaching us fast. 

Attached is all the information you will need or at least the link of where to find it, which is right here.



If your attending you know we’re down to only eight (8) days away from this years gathering.  Now is the time when the following should be running through you head;

  • Checklist should be written down.
  • Ensure medications are on hand.
  • Gather briefs for the length of your stay.
  • Gather bed pads, so the maids don’t find extra work.  We found putting a pad under and another one over Roberts groin area keeps the bed dry.
  • Bring large (30 gallon min.) garbage back to contain the briefs and bed pads. 
  • If your bringing medications in their none script container, take the original labels off the bottles and attach them to a sheet of paper.  With the crack down on opioids, TSA is starting to ask to see the original label or bottle.
  • Don’t forget us it’s your first time flying, you will need a photo ID of some kind for every passenger. 

We have also started packing all of Roberts extras (briefs, pads, ointments, wipes, extra word search books and pens and such) in their own suitcase.  Don’t forget your loved one is also allowed two forms of luggage and two carry ones.  

I hope this gets everyone thinking about and excited about Epilepsy Awareness Day Disneyland this year, I know I am.  Have a great trip down, we hope to see you all there.


Richard Kreis



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