My National Pain Awareness Month Project Catches a Snag

I must apologize to all for not posting the September Daily Questionnaire Interviews for my National Pain Awareness Month Project for the past several days.  The reason is on Monday night my family had the annual September Birthday’s Party, which instead of doing 2-3 birthdays and in our case September has five along with our anniversary, we get together for one dinner and celebrate them all at one time.  This year we went out to eat at a local pub/restaurant, well only three of the birthday kids went and me and Trish for our 19th anniversary.  Within 1-1/2 days of eating out five of the eight of us were not having a good time with the white porcelain god, you get the meaning.  The resulting issue came down to, food poisoning.  This  has continued until today when I was finally able to eat a regular bowl of vegetarian Ramen noodles and not have it tear at my stomach.  Talking with everyone else they are at the same place I am.

Robert, Richard and Rich, September B-Day Dinner I.jpeg
Robert (51), Myself (52) and Rich (54)

On that note, I will do my best to get back on track as I am also waiting to receive several questionnaire quotes back from folks who offered their story.  Thank you all for following my blog and for all the comments, Likes and Forwards.  Have a great weekend.

Richard K.

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