U.S. Pain Foundation – Diabetic Neuropathy

Do you have Diabetic Neuropathy?

U.S. Pain Foundation has been seeking out additional ways that people with pain can share their personal pain journey to larger audiences.

That’s why we’re involved with a new project that would produce several brief videos, specifically addressing chronic pain for an educational program titled,Get Healthy, Stay Healthy.

The project has various chronic pain conditions already being represented, so at this time we’re only seeking patients who have Diabetic Neuropathy; we will let you know if the producers would like to interview pain warriors with other disease-specific conditions.

Pain Ambassadors, Advocates and volunteers with Diabetic Neuropathy would have their interviews videotaped in NYC on Thursday, September 15th. Due to the location of the filming, ideally we would like someone who lives on the East Coast and close to NYC if possible. You must be willing to share your pain journey and have the soundbites posted online.

Specifically, Pain Ambassadors, Advocates and volunteers with Diabetic Neuropathy will be asked about their symptoms and diagnosis, how they manage their pain, and how they work with their healthcare team.

If you are the pain warrior we are looking for, please do the following:
1. Send an email to Bonnie Muheim and Paul Gileno. Subject should be titledDiabetic Neuropathy Interviews on Sept. 15th

1. Within your email, note your location so that if selected, travel information can be provided to you.
2. Describe in 2-3 sentences your pain journey with Diabetic Neuropathy; information such as how long you have lived with this type of pain, how you mange your condition and how it has impacted your life would all be helpful for the team to determine if your story fits the project.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and determine if you can assist us with this project!

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