Stepping out of the caregiving role briefly to re-center, and capture your balance, and re-align your mood.

This was published recently (August 25, 2016), by my wife, Trish at  Both of us are involved in the Epilepsy, Chronic Pain and other caregiving groups to help others learn from ours and other caregiver experienceses.  This is her most recent post.  To see more of her photos or to read her blog go to,

Published on Aug 25, 2016, Trish, our wonderful full-time caregiver and contributor to Assisted Living Directory knows how to keep it together with the daily stress of caregiving. She shares some unique refresher tips on how to step out of the caregiving role briefly to re-center, and capture your balance, and re-align your mood. All of Trish’s tips can help you, the caregiver, to keep your sanity, and to be the best caregiver you can possibly be each and every day.

Trish Hughes Kreis works as a full-time Legal Administrator and is a freelance writer, blogger and videographer who advocates on behalf of her disabled youngest brother, Robert. Robert lives with intractable epilepsy, has an unwavering faith and a delightful way of declaring everything excellent. Robert has lived with Trish and her husband, Richard, for three years and they do their best to keep him happy, healthy and, well, excellent. 
Trish is an advocate for more research on the long-term effects of uncontrolled epilepsy as well as an advocate for expanding the definition of family to include sibling care under the California Family Rights Act and Family and Medical Leave Act. 

Trish also does her best to navigate the maze of social services and government programs available to help Robert and keeps him entertained with an endless supply of word search puzzles and game shows. 

Trish contributes articles and videos to the Assisted Living Directory and has written for, The Intentional Caregiver, Today’s Caregiver and the EmblemHealth “What Care Feels Like” microsite. Trish is currently the author and publisher of the “365 Caregiving Tips” book series written with four other experienced caregivers with the hope it helps other caregivers navigate the world of caregiving. 

Trish’s Bio:

Trish is the author of Forever a Caregiver and 365 CaregivingTips: Practical Tips from Everyday Caregivers. She can be reached through her blog, Facebook (, Twitter (@robertssister1) or email

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