How to tackle and advocate for change in the opioid epidemic plaguing the world.

Yesterday (8/30/16) U.S. Pain Foundation posted the following article.

With nearly 100 million Americans living with chronic pain, U.S. Pain Foundation understands that every one touched by pain — be those living with it, pain care providers or caregivers — need to be heard. The simple truth is this: people with pain matter, and access to a multitude of therapy modalities is lacking for the majority of those suffering.

In order to break free from the stigmatization and marginalization of people with pain while educating society about the pain care problem existing today, U.S. Pain Foundation is proud to be part of a new film, Narcotica – Breaking Free.  
This ground breaking documentary provides a fresh perspective on the opioid epidemic plaguing the world, real answers on how to tackle it and advocate for change.
Already, Narcotica – Breaking Free is receiving positive acclaim and attention. The trailer won two national awards: “Excellence for Cinematography” and “Excellence in Editing” at the 20th Annual Videographer Awards. (Only 13% of all entries get the privilege of being a winner!)
TRAILER: Narcotica – Breaking Free

It is a privilege for the U.S. Pain Foundation to be working alongside such esteemed professionals dedicated to solving a problem that affects us all. 

2x Emmy Award Winner

For More Information about the film and how to support it, please contact us at:

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