U.S. Pain Foundation 2016 OTC Survey Results

Yesterday (August 28, 2016) the U.S. Pain Foundation posted the results of their recent survey relating to Over the Counter (OTC) pain killers and their use and missuse.  I figure not everyone is linked to their site so I have attached the results below. Reminder, September is, “National Pain Awareness Month” for which I am looking to post a new person with pains story each day of the month.  If you would like to send me your story or would like to receive my, “Persons In Pain Questionnaire,” please  just send me an email at iCareConsulting@att.net.  If you provide your email I will let you know which day your story will be posted.

Exercpt from the survey:

Top survey findings include:
Nearly half (45%) do not consider the prescription medicines they are currently taking;

More than half (58%) do not consider their pre-existing health conditions;

Two in three (65%) do not consider other OTC medicines they are taking;

Three out of four (73%) of those 60 and over do not consider their age; and

One in five (20%) do not consider any of these important safety factors.

 The full, U.S. Pain Foundation Survey and its results can be found by following the link provided below: 

                 Link: U.S. Pain Foundation

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