My Time in X-Ray

List ImageTime to add something else to the list, like its not already long.  I have been having issues with my Medtronic Intrathecial Pump not putting out the programmed amount of medication, thereby leaving extra med in the pump instead of in my spine where it should be.  So, after ten weeks of them checking the flow and left over amount at refill appointments the doctor finally pushed for x-rays.

The x-rays covered from just below my shoulder blades to the very end (tailbone) of my spine, I was there for awhile.  During the process the x-ray technician started taking shots of my mid to lower spinal area and kept having me re-position for them.  Being a curious person I asked if there was a problem and his response really didn’t shock me, “Yea, your spine has a curve to it and its making it hard to get the image the doctors are asking for.”

Come to find out, my spine is curving not front to back as in most cases yet it is curving right to left, or the side I normally bend to when trying to stretch the main pain site (Epicenter). I say, “No Shock” only because I know how I walk, especially when the pain is above normal.   What’s to do is first get another back brace to try and put my spine back into alignment before it starts even more issues not just for me but for Trish (wife) also.  We currently care for my brother in-law full time and there’s no way I want to add Trish having to care for me anymore then she already does.  One day it may come to that, yet this is not the day, week, month, year or decade I hope.

Special Thank You to all the caregivers who take their time to care for spouse, family member, loved one, friend, or other.  You all deserve to be noticed and mentioned. Thank you.

Richard K.


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