365 Caregiving Tips: Daily Tip

Tip #271 (Travel & Respite): Create a “Get to Know (insert Loved One’s name)” document for the replacement caregiver. Giving the replacement caregiver information about the loved one (quirks, preferences, food restrictions) will reduce or eliminate any surprises or problems. #helpingyoubreatheeasierduringrespite #travel #respite #365CareTips

365 Caregiving Tips:  Practical Tips from Everyday Caregivers and 365 Caregiving Tips: Travel and Respite can be purchased as a paperback, PDF, E book and both will be available in a monthly calendar and more.  Just go to either LuLu.com or Amazon.com to get these along with other great books written by these amazing authors:

Pegi Foulkrid, Gincy Heins, Trish Hughes Kreis, Richard Kreis, Kathy Lowrey

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