Backyard changes, not by choice


Another issue with having chronic pain or a chronic condition period, you have to ask for help or hire someone to things you would normally take on yourself.   Thirteen months ago we moved into our new home which my daughter and future son in-law (Real Estate Broker) knew before we even looked at it that, “It was the one.”  One of the main areas that drew us to the home is the backyard landscaping and more to the point the amazing Weeping Willow tree.  We saw some dead branches toward the bottom and figured it was do to the multi-year drought and watering restrictions in place.  Approximately a month ago I had several arborist come in to see what the cost would be to trim it due to it was also running into two neighbors Windows and houses.  All of them said the same thing, “Do to the disease in the trunk at grade level we will only work on it to remove it.  It’s not cost effective to trim when in under a year you will have to take it out anyway. That’s if it even survived another summer (Record number of days over 100 expected again), and winter.  

Normally I would have trimmed out the dead branches myself but now having to climb up into this beautiful beast of a tree and not being able to with my chronic back issue, we have to hire someone to take on the job.  There were two large rocks and two bushes that need removing to take out the stump and we could not even do that do to their weight (400lbs +). These are thing I normally would do to get that feeling of being a man (guys you know what I’m talking about), sense of accomplishment. So I need to come to terms with the fact that I am not the young, capable person I once was and if the saying is correct that, “when one door closes another one opens,” then I just need to look for that other door and hope it has a sign stating, “Richard’s Door, Do Not Open.”  Finally, today is about our backyard is changing, not by choice and not about me. 

Have a Wonderful Day,

Richard K. 

(Certified Caregiving Counselor, Author, Manufacturer of Care related products, Caregiver)

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