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 Myself and my wife Trish have been caring for her brother 100%, in home for just under three years and for a total of 6-7 years while he was in either at home in Modesto with his then girlfriend also a disabled person.  In that time we have had to purchase not only the standard walker, wheelchair and such.  We have also had to purchase, briefs, briefs HD, wipes, gloves, shower chair(s), tub/toilet hand grip(s), throw away bed pads, washable bed pads and medicine cups (5000 count).  We have also removed all the carpet and replaced with hardwood floors so Roberts walker does not slow him down or cause him to fall.  Now Roberts mobility issues have progressed to the point where we are talking and getting numbers to replace the tub in his bathroom with just a walk in shower. 

As most of you know as caregivers there are times where money may be short or you just can’t have your caree’s (person cared for) bath are shut down for an upgrades for several weeks because you only have one or two bath to start with. This is Roberts current tub & toilet area.   

Shows His Tub Hand Grip, Shower Chair and Sink Chair


Shows Roberts Shower/Toilet Grab Bar and Spray Hose

What we have decided to do, since the tile is still in real decent shape is to:

1) Remove the Tub.

2) Cleanup and Floor or Drain Issues.

3) Install a Walk In or Low Lip Shower Pan.

4) Replace Waterboard/Concrete Board.

5) Replace any Tiles Damaged when Removed Tub the Match and Tile and Grout the Bottom 14″-16″ of Wall Where the Tub Use to be.

6) Install Curved Shower Curtain Rod and Curtain.

If done right and barring no running into anything major.  I figure the entire project should take just about 3-4 days, compared to the two weeks I was quoted earlier today.  Then when my younger brother Jimmy (Electrical Journeyman) help install the lights & ceiling fans in Roberts room and Trish’s office and the exterior holiday outlets (4-5), I believe the major projects are done except for replacing the rear sliding glass doors with French Doors. Moving here we gave Robert his own bedroom and bathroom which over sleeping in the family room on a hide-a-bed and taking showers out of the sink since we didn’t have a full bathroom or a bedroom for him, this is a major improvement and in just his behavior and attitude compared to the Rancho Cordova house is so much better.  

If your looking for supplies, don’t just jump at the first place you run into to buy them, at least not long term.  I’ve found over the years that gloves and wipes and such are usually cheaper at a medical supply store by 50%-55% here in Northern California and the hardware items (shower chairs, walkers, etc.) hunt around, here the local Walgreens was the best price by 20%.  As for replacing a toilet or tub, putting in a ramp or other project, ask around your family members may surprise you or ask other caregivers in the area.  You can save in the long run.  You can even go to, and access their “Volunteers for Research”area, there are 5-6 of us that can help you look for transportation, day-care programs, respite or anything you don’t have time to look for, let us help you. 


Richard is a Certified Caregiving Consultant who cares for his mom and his brother-in-law. You can connect with Richard during these chats:

Let’s Get Organized chat for those who want to get organized on the first Sunday of every month at 7 p.m. ET (6 p.m. CT, 4 p.m. PT);

Caregiving Men chat on the second Saturday of every month at 11 a.m. ET (10 a.m. CT, 8 a.m. PT).

Richard describes who and how he can help:

I can help:

1) Organize appointments, medications, trips and such for caregivers with more than one caree (person being cared for) or how to organize a carees condition related issues as well as your own if you are dealing with a disability.

2) I also can help connecting with setting up and preparing the home for a caree returning that may now need medical aids (beds, restroom equipment, etc.) at home and help put them in touch with organizations, groups, or facilities that can help them further.

3) With 20 years of taking care of my own disability and with 15 of those years having to deal with California Workers Compensation, which is a hard road to travel if you’ve never been on it, I am suited to help them or guide them down the right road.

I am able to reach out to individuals with a new disability or existing disability that has worsened. I can reach out to help families that may have one or more members with a disabilities. I have over 20 years of dealing with my disability and I am fairly easy to speak to, sometimes people just want to vent and I can help in that area. I can speak with men who have just been put on disability and feel their manhood has been comprised, also those in a depression and feel it’s because of something they did or if they just snap their fingers they can fix it.

CCC_logoThank you for taking the time to read my blog and this post.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, or I look forward to hearing from you.  

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