Simple Tile Coasters

Here is a craft that is simple enough that, in some way most anyone can help.  I made these for Christmas gifts this year, however with the rain and colder than normal weather we’ve been having the Polyurethane Spray wouldn’t set up right.  Anyhow on with the show:

Equipment Required (Show Here): 

  • Copies of Photos to be used
  • 4″ Travertine Tiles                   $4.99 (10)            Top Left
  • Mod Podge (Orange)                $3.99                     Top, Second from left
  • 2″ (or 3″ Foam Brush)             $0.79 ea               Top, Third from left
  • Polyurethane Spray                  $7.99                    Top Right
  • 1/4″ Foam Feet                           $4.79                    Bottom Left
  • Decorative Labels                      $5.95                     Shown Below
  • Plastic Sheet or Newspaper
  • Finished Travertine Coaster – PRICELESS


Step 1:     Gather all the photos you want to use for this project and make copies.  You may want to print a few extra to test on, but don’t worry you can put a new photocopy on one if it doesn’t work out.

Step 2:     Take your photos and trim them down to 3-1/2″ to 3-3/4″ max.  You can even use the decorative edge scissors which can be found at craft stores such as Michael’s (West Coast).

Step 3:     Lay out your plastic sheet or newspaper (HINT: a 30 gallon garbage bag cut open and laid out works fine).  Make sure your do this project, “IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA” if this is where you plan to spray the polyurethane spray.  Lay out your tiles (HINT: Setting them on top of say four Lego bricks or small rocks allows you to Mod Podge and Poly spray the sides  without the tiles sticking to the under-lament).


Step 4:     Lay out your photos so that they are centered on each tile.  Pour some Mod Podge onto a paper plate and begin more or less painting the Mod Podge onto the tiles.  Once they’ve dried for 4-6 hours, apply a second coat of the Mod Podge in the opposite direction for another 4-6 hours or overnight. (HINT: Your brush can be cleaned out under running warm water and laid out to dry between coats.)FullSizeRender

Step 5:     Take your decorative labels and print whatever you want on them, just make sure somewhere on them you have, “HAND WASH ONLY.”  As you see in the photo below we used the oval labels which fit the Christmas tree in the center perfectly.  Once your done here, apply your
labels to the bottom of your coasters.  Now repeat Step 4, for two coats to cover the bottom of each tile.

Step 6:     Once Step 5 is done, “IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA” spray the bottom of the tiles using the polyurethane spray and allow to dry for the minimum recommendation of the manufacturer.  Check to make sure the spray is completely dry, if so spray a second coat.  Flip your coasters and repeat for two coats on the top of each tile.

Step 7:     Once the tiles are completely dry, place one of the 1/4″ felt feet on each corner of the tiles.  Then finally, use your coasters or wrap those your giving as gifts using raffia, twine, decorative wrapping paper, however you want to present them is your choice.

All of the materials listed above were purchased at our local home improvement store.  You will have enough Mod Podge and Polyurethane Spray to complete over 40 tiles, which I did and they only totaled $48.00 and some change, or about $ 1.20 each.

HINT: I would not use an actual photograph as the edges don’t seem to seal enough and the photos I tried tended to bubble up.  Good Luck and Happy Coasting


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