Organize Your Way, 10/7/15

This photo is for Jane (you know which one) and to all of you out there that think your more disorganized than organized. Using a different color per person makes it easier to glance at the calendar and get an idea of who has what appointments when.  Here’s my October calendar: 

Roberts purple-Epilepsy’s colors

I’m Blue – Favorite color

Trish’s fuchsia – She picked it

Moms Green – Military green’s Orange – The Sites Color’s Red – Their color

Halloweens Orange – Go Figure

Walk To End Alzheimer’s Purple – You get the idea.

No matter how you organize your calendars, if it works for you that’s all that matters.
Organization is only, “One Step at a Time. Take that first step.”

Have a Great Wednesday.

Thank you,

Richard K.

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