Thursday Tip Of The Day, 10/8/15

This post (more to come) is about giving tips to those out there that may need them. This one goes out to tGrocery Mover 1he elderly, the disabled, those living on the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th floors or those with a large family.  I thought of this idea due to a chronic low back pain issue I have and carrying all the groceries in 2-3 at a time increased my pain level by 25% or more, just from taking in groceries.  Now I know there are pull around shopping cart things that are similar to one of these tubs standing on end, but with those something has to be on the bottom of that set up.  With this set up, which I already had the hand cart and the two containers on hand everything either stands up straight (milk, juice, boxes of oatmeal, 5 lb. flour/sugar, etc.) or as with cereal and such just set it on its side and there you go.

This here is our groceries for a week and it does not include the dog food, cat litter(s), cat food, you get all the stuff from that big animal box store starting with “Pets.”  I do use the hand cart for these items also and can haul a 40 lb. bag of dog food, two 20 lbs. bags of kitty litter and a bag or two or misc. dog/cat items in on haul from car to garage to house.  Back to our groceries, this trip I endedGroceries up with fifteen bags and the gallon of orange juice and the pack of toilet paper.  With my back this would have been a minimum of six trips back and forth and then after shopping for them, I now have to unload them. Total of just about 90 minutes. 

With this set up, I can pack all of this in and more if I had a third container (which will fit on this hand truck) in just one trip.  After I do the shopping and get home I raise up the garage door and right inside is the hand cart and numerous containers (thank to our recent move) which I grab and begin loading from the car and into the containers.  I try to place similar items such as canned goods, dry goods, frozen and refrigerated item in the same container so when I get inside I can place the pantry container near the door and the cooler items container near the refrigerator, this makes it so much quicker in unloading and I’m not having to make numerous trips.  Here are the sixteen + two bags sGrocery Mover 2tacked into the two containers.  As you can see with the items sitting on top there’s more than enough room for a third container.  I use the hand cart to haul potting soil, fertilizer, large plants, rain water barrels and more from the car into the backyard, even used it to move file cabinets around from garage to the offices, used it to move a twin mattress, one end of a desk and oh so much more.  I highly recommend if you are disabled or disabled due to a back injury, these two items (hand cart and containers) are a must have.  They can be used to accomplish so much both separate and together.  You can keep a sense of normal by being able to move or help move groceries and much, much more and not your not putting major or even minor strain on your back (HINT: When going up steps, ramps and such, get some help.)

I will be putting out a new tip each and every week hoping to provide a new way to use something you may already have or by just purchasing a few items help you with an issue you want to take control of.  I’m going to call this part of, “Thursday’s Tip of the Week” and it should be up and post by 9am CST (11am CST & 12pm EST).  Thank you for taking the time to read this tip and for reading my blog.

Thank you,

Richard K.

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