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Take Care of Your Mind

Mental wellness is so important. Take care of your mind and the way you speak to yourself. Don’t let negative thoughts weaken you. ~ Mindfulness Wellness (@HealingMB) (10/21/17, 8:46pm) Photo By: Zack Black

Do you deal with chronic pain?

I have sat and thought about how to answer this very question, “What does living with chronic pain feel like?” The issue is, of course it’s different for everyone and for the type of chronic pain you have. For me and my chronic back pain (24yrs.) it varies often and from season to season. It…

Are you dealing with nerve pain?

Do you deal with nerve pain?  Do you know how to care for nerve pain?  If not or even if your a nerve pain veteran this article from WebMD posted on their website on October 19, 2017 and at the link below just might be what you need. I am currently on my 24th…

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