Pain Management: All About CBD Oil

Reviewed By: Laura J. Martin, MD

Reviewed on 7/17/2018

1/14, What Is CBD?

It’s short for cannabidiol, and it’s a natural compound found in both marijuana and hemp plants. There’s some evidence that it might help treat pain, seizures, and some other health problems. But much more research is needed for doctors to know for sure what it can do.

2/14, How Do You Take It?

You can take CBD oil by itself by mouth, or use one of many products that has it as an ingredient. These include pills, chewable gels, “tinctures” you drop under your tongue, vape cartridges you breathe in, creams on your skin, and foods like chocolate bars. The amount and quality of CBD in these products can be very different.

3/14, Does It Make You High?

CBD doesn’t — another substance in marijuana called THC does that. If you use a CBD product, check the label and make sure that’s the only cannabinoid listed. In states where marijuana is legal, some companies put product information online that lists the amount of each ingredient.

4/14, Is It Addictive?

CBD oil by itself is not. But CBD products that also have THC can be. The key again is to know the source and check the ingredients and the amounts so you know exactly what you’re using.

5/14, Where Is It Legal?

Forty-seven states now allow some form of CBD. Only Idaho, South Dakota, and Nebraska ban all marijuana use. Legal details are different by state, so do your research to make sure you’re on the right side of the law.

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