LETTER: We pain folk are furious, dying and making little progress

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Many thanks for “The other side of the ‘opioid crisis’ ” by Winona Stalvey.

The suffering is immense. Far more than the fatal clumsiness of opiate use disorder and true addiction is the suffering of at least 50 million severe pain sufferers cut off or dangerously reduced while enduring incurable painful diseases and conditions during this rampant “fear of the fear of the opiates.”

Nearer 15,000 are “opiate only” overdoses per year, not 70,000, and among those 99.06 percent are from illicitly obtained prescriptions or more often, “street” fentanyl products. We pain folk are furious, dying and making little progress.

True addiction is very rare. Nine hundred ninety-six in 1,000 new patients will never addict. There is no correlation between doctors of medicine prescribing for legitimate severe, chronic pain patients and overdose death or the opiate use disorder.

We need help and the story is waiting to be told. Personally, I fear that however overdose deaths rose (it has always been rising from long ago), the money that can be had for “holding up” pharmaceutical manufacturing by the powerful DOJ/AG has become the prime mover, … and opiates can’t appear to be good for anything until the last penny in the last check clears.

Yes, I am bitter. I have acquired heart failure and recently diabetes for the loss of mobility for congenital canal and foraminal stenosis since cut off here in Wisconsin two years ago.More Headlines

Our most active groups are Don’t Punish Pain Rally, who will hold rallies in most capital cities this Oct. 16; Red Lawhern, our best statistician who has been before HHS; Steve Ariens, a Doctor of Pharmacy, and Coalition of Fifty States Advocacy, where we try to facilitate talking to state and federal representatives; and Conspiracies Against Wellness which has YouTube live-streams featuring Dr. Thomas Kline, MD, PhD, Raleigh, N.C., on the weekly “The Doctor’s Corner” and other interviews with qualified doctors and advocates for pain patients conducted by organizer Jonelle Elgaway, also in North Carolina.

Many thanks again.

Dave Acevedo

Waukesha, Wis.

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