What exactly is Morphine?

I am involved with several social media groups that are for those with chronic pain, have a pain pump and more. In thee groups the topic of the medications being used has come up often. I am going to run several post, each with a brief look into a different medication. I have an internal
pain pump to treat my chronic back pain of some 27+ years and have tried pretty much everything. I hope these bits of information can help.

What is it?
Non-synthetic narcotic (opioid) made from opium, prescribed as Kadian®,MS-Contin®, Oramorph SR®, MSIR®, RMS®, Roxanol®. Very effective for pain relief, high potential for abuse.

Street Names
Dreamer, Emsel, First Line, God’s Drug, Hows, MS, Mister Blue, Morpho, Unkie

How is it used?
• Injected
• Oral solutions
• Tablets, capsules, suppositories

How does it affect the body?
• Euphoria and relief of pain
• Addictive

Overdose signs: cold and clammy skin, sleepiness, lowered blood pressure and slow pulse rate, coma and possible death

For information on various drugs from fentanyl to morphine and more go to the:


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